ROVs explained


Submerged Entertainment Australia (S.E.A.) uses Remotely Operated Vehicles (R.O.V.s) to deliver sophisticated live stream viewing to clients with a stable internet connection.

We deploy a diverse array of ROVs with specific capabilities, co-ordinating our equipment to the anticipated weather and water conditions.

The R.O.V s on-board cameras film in 1080p resolution to provide a high quality and detailed image when streaming live.
With our assemblage of various R.O.V.s, we can explore to a depth of 300 meters and illuminate our field of view using dimmable LED lights ranging from 4000 – 6000 lumens.

Each R.O.V. is equipped with advanced instruments to give our pilots accurate readings of orientation, temperature and depth .
Operationally, stabilize mode assists our R.O.V. pilots in delivering consistent, steady and fluid motion when moving through the water, providing smooth imagery for a comfortable and relaxed viewing experience.

Respective R.O.V.s in our fleet are equipped with a manipulator arm for practical use during technical dives to undertake retrievals, rubbish pick up or collecting samples.