Introducing our NSW team

Director, ROV Pilot and Behind-the-scenes

A certified Advanced scuba diver, Kieran has always enjoyed exploring underwater and learning about the hidden creatures surviving beneath the waves.

Kieran is usually found behind the scenes but loves to get out to the water to pilot ROVs when she can, to explore underwater while staying warm and dry.

Before co-founding UnderseaROV with Ian and Dave, she spent many years in business consulting and food & beverage industries.
Kieran’s background is Chemical Engineering with a Masters in Business Administration and she maintains a keen interest in science and a life-long passion for learning.

Technical support, ROV pilot, Software development

Ian’s love of the marine world stemmed from spearfishing and sailing.

Study in Electrical Engineering led to a 25 year career in IT, eventually specialising in voice and video communications.

A new career in ROVs brings multiple skills together from the IT and video communications worlds and is WAY Cooler.

Watching the decline of areas through urchin predation has strengthened a desire
to protect and restore the marine world.

ROV Pilot and ROV developer

David’s greatest passions are exploring underwater environments and showing others how amazing, beautiful and vulnerable so many underwater places are.

He also loves searching near and far using sonar on vessels and then ROVs chasing stories of shipwrecks, searching for unknown reefs and adventure.

David started by building ROVs from ‘bits from Bunnings’, bilge pumps and kayak trolling motors, before founding UnderseaROV with Kieran and Ian.

He has hundreds of hours of ROV piloting experience in all conditions in rivers, bays and offshore.

He shot, scripted and produced two acclaimed UnderseaROV film productions.


Pictured right: Our Filmmaker ROV