Introducing our Victoria team

Director, ROV Pilot and microscope operation.

Reece has many years of experience in the trade industry.
Owning and operating his own business for 15 years, he found a niche in interior design and restoration of heritage buildings.
Having spent most part of his younger years living in a historical fishing village, Reece developed a keen appreciation for maritime archaeology and aquatic flora and fauna.
It is with this growing passion that Reece began a pursuit to undertake his own research gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the underwater environment.
In stepping aside from his trade profession to undertake a new ambition, Reece founded Australian Underwater Surveying and Imaging (A.U.S.I.)
During the early years of operating A.U.S.I. Reece found a mentor in Ian Holmes of Undersea ROV. It is with Ian’s guidance and technical advice,
Reece was able to understand all aspects of the ROVs inner workings and launch A.U.S.I. into a new direction.

Behind the scenes assistant, ROV pilot and Microscope operation.

Kristy has always found comfort and peace in the beauty of our oceans and lakes, fascinated by the unknown and drawn to the captivating aquatic life.
Having a deep sense of dedication and passion for preserving and protecting our pristine waters, Kristy co-founded Australian Underwater Surveying and Imaging and works currently as deputy director with in the company.

Kristy has a background in the hospitality industry and prior to her present position within A.U.S.I. she worked in legal administration for a Victorian law firm for 10 years.

Kristy’s future ambitions includes pursuing underwater photography and a desire to undertake study to further understand environmental impacts in Australian waterways.