The Technology

Submerged Entertainment Australia (S.E.A.) uses Cisco Webex software through a secure server to deliver live stream broadcasts.

Webex is a cloud based video conferencing platform with high quality video and audio capabilities and integrates instant messaging for convenient real time interaction.

Connection options are flexible.

Clients can use a tablet provided by S.E.A. that is pre configured with Webex by connecting it to their wifi network and email account.
Alternatively, participants can tune in with their pre existing smart device, utilising S.E.A.s easy to follow step by step instructions on how to download Webex software and get connected.

Our friendly IT specialists are always on hand to help talk our partners through this process.

Connecting to an S.E.A. live show is fast and effortless. We simply send a link via email direct to a tablet or computer, so with a click of a button, participants will be transported directly to our waiting room for the show to begin.