Our ROVs

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are machines that are deployed in to the water for exploration. They are operated by a pilot from the surface who uses a ground control station or hand controller.

A tether that consists of multiple cables encased as one runs from the ROV to the surface. The tether acts as a highway in which information is sent and received between the pilot and ROV.

The underwater imagery is fed back from the camera on the ROV in real time, to a device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone allowing the pilot to see below the surface while staying safe and dry.

Please note: Quality of above video has been greatly reduced due to varying internet speeds that may be experienced

Introducing the S.E.A. fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles

BlueROV2 (Film Maker)

Filmmaker has been in development and operation for 6 years.

This ROV has 8 thrusters, two cameras, a sonar positioning system, dual battery compartments, a manipulator and is capable of diving to 300m.

Filmmaker has taken hundreds of hours of underwater footage in many environments: from weed filled rivers to kelp forests, rugged rocky reefs and underwater hills and canyons offshore.

This ROV has been a scientific workhorse and supported many adventures.

FiFish V6 (Slimy)

Slimy is fast and nimble in the water. Able to descend to 100m and run for hours. Easily deployed and controlled. Enjoyable to watch when it is at work in the water.
With batteries onboard Slimy can reach locations “off grid”. This machine has a valuable “Second-person-view” camera and 6 thrusters for omnidirectional manoeuvrability.
High quality HD camera and high power lights reinforce this role.

Blue ROV2 (UndeRover)

UndeRover has neutral bouyancy and is capable of reaching depths of 300m, limited only by a 150m tether.
This stable machine can explore for many hours when fully charged and is equipped with a manipulator arm to allow intervention and retrieval where permitted.

BlueROV2 (Water Girl)

Nauti-Girl is smaller than the other BlueROV2’s S.E.A. operates, which enables access into shallow areas.

Nauti-Girl is a standard BlueROV2 with manipulator arm, two powerful dimmable lights and has a detachable tether for easier transport and storage.

BlueROV2 (Big Blue)

Big Blue hosts a superior assortment of high tech instruments, including a manipulator arm and Ping Sonar. Equipped with a payload skid, Big Blue weighs a mammoth 20 kilos and is smooth and stable in the water.

Big Blue has 6,000 lumen dimmable lights, can deliver live HD video feed and has many years of operation in the field.

This ROV is crucial for scientific studies and deep water missions.

Chasing M2 (Ringo)

Ringo is compact and small with a bright yellow frame so is easier to see in the water.

This R.O.V. can be deployed and in the water with in 3 minutes. Ringo is capable of fast speeds up to 3 knots and has omnidirectional manoeuvrability.

Equipped with a 4K camera, manipulator arm, 8 thrusters and 4,000 lumen dimmable lights, Ringo is piloted from the surface by a hand controller.

Chasing M2 Pro Max (Hooper)

Hooper has the potential to carry many accessories with 5 available connection ports. This tidy and attractive R.O.V. performs with omni directional capabilities and can descend up to 200 meters deep below the waters surface.

The exceptional 8000 lumen flood lights can be adjusted to different angles to deliver the very best vision by reducing the effect of particulates in the water.

The Pro Max operates with anti suction mode further reducing any potential disruption to the delicate underwater eco system. This R.O.V. has a much longer battery life meaning it can work harder for longer.

The Pro Max can travel at 4 knots and also carries a 4K UHD camera on board.